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Learning and Support Programmes.

L&F Education Support Services offer a wide range of academic and support services for schools. These services allow schools to provide essential programmes that better support the learning and social and emotional mental health of their young people. L&F are committed to the wellbeing and positive futures for all young people and has developed all their services with this at the forefront of their ethos. 

Providing high-impact services for education. Contact us for further information


Specialist tutoring and education coaching.

L & F qualified learning specialists provide education for those students who need support outside of their normal curriculum and for all students needing to increase their ability in a subject area. These lessons can also be additional to the school day running during and after school providing the expert help that students need.  

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This programme offers targeted behaviour intervention support to young people.

The purpose and aim of the Behaviour and Support Programme is to successfully integrate a student back into mainstream education.

This programme also includes:

- Specialised young women's service

- KS3 behaviour support

Teacher Helping Student

L & F alternative education provision provides an alternative to school programme that engages with young people and gives them the skills, qualifications, and Post 16 pathway to enable them to be successful in the transition to the next part of their lives. This provision is created with the ideology that young people need a range of skills to be successful in transitioning and if education has not been successful.