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L&F ESS Construction Bootcamps

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

L&F will be providing training for Health and Safety in Construction Environments with opportunities to progress in the construction industry for young people wanting a career path post school.

Red CSCS cards can be earnt from the construction bootcamp (Subject to eligibility). It will be valid for 5 years, providing a pathway towards a skilled CSCS card and further opportunities for progression within the construction industry

Do you have any young people wanting to start a career within the construction industry post school? Our construction bootcamp will be the perfect opportunity for them!

With a range of construction qualifications to choose from, the variety in job roles can cater to many individual's specific interests.

Health and Social Care Opportunities

L&F Education also have health and social care employers who need more young people, with opportunities to start careers within the industry and progress further, once training has been completed. Don't hesitate to contact us for more info!

School Services

L&F Education specialise in reengaging young people with their educational studies, for those who do not want to move on to employment yet. Visit our website for more info!


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